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Expert 2

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Blue Diamonds




 Direction of Product development 

The products that Thermolon develops are innovative, environmentally conscious, and deliver excellent results in a variety of functions.

Innovative technology

Thermolon's ceramic coatings coating are is not just a simple mixture of minerals and organic materials, but are is a completely new concept complex that is created by structural and chemical bonding. Every year Thermolon develops innovative products that surprise the industry.

Thermolon's ceramic coatings are safe to human and environment and can be applied to various materials such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, plastic, glass and stone. It is completely incombustible coating, it does not generate toxic gas when heated and can be used at high temperature.

Thermolon's ceramic coatings offer exceptional abrasion resistance, heat resistance, weatherability, chemical resistance, flame resistance, as well as antimicrobial, insulation and non-stick performance.

Thermolon’s Filmography

Here is the accomplishment of research and development of Thermolon- the appearance of Thermolon which is continuously developing.

Thermolon coatings, which have been improved every year, and the features of each product are as follows

 Product Features

Further details of the technical features of Thermolon, please email to us.

Coating method

Non-stick Durability


Salt water


Heat resistance

Mechanical feature

Abrasion hardness


​Application field

Blue Diamonds

2 coat

Interior for cookware


2 coat

Interior for cookware


1 coat

Electrical electronics

industry material

Interior for cookware


1 coat

Interior for cookware

Electrical electronics

industry material

Endurance 2

2 coat

Interior for cookware

“Non-stick durability that can compete with PTFE and maintains the leading position in the global ceramic coatings market.”




 Goals and Tasks 

Here is the goals and tasks of the Thermolon R & D team,

which is committed to developing the world's best products.

- Mineral raw material test to improve durability such as hydrophilicity, lipophilic property and
   high heat resistance

- Optimization of the hydrolysis and condensation reaction conditions that make up the
   skeleton of the sol-gel process.

- Development of the best products by improving the mixing and manufacturing process

- Overcome technological barriers to entry into advanced countries by applying international
    standards such as CMA, BS7069, EN Standard and LGA

“We develop products that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and human-friendly.”

- Use heavy metal free, organic free, halogen free based raw materials

- Pre-filtering system using precise analysis equipment such as GC MSD, PSA, XFR, FT-IR


“Accurate and rapid product development by customer request is the foundation of the Thermolon R & D team.”


- Improve the coating to match the working conditions of the mass production line 
   (temperature, humidity, available coating equipment parameters, etc.)

- Development of coating material optimized for customer's material and pretreatment

- Color development according to customer's request


Thermolon's products are applied to a wide range of fields. Our customers are satisfied with the flexibility of product development for various applications.


Thermolon coatings are available in a wide range of cookware in the interior and exterior, and are currently being sold to more than 260 countries around the world via Greenpan.


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