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All New Technology

Our 9th Generation with even longer durability

 Absolute value of THERMOLON 

Thermolon's interest and recognition throughout the world lies

in the active realization of the core values that Thermolon seeks.

Thermolom continues to grow through its continual improvements

and commitment to global high technology

“ We develop ceramic coatings according to global trends. ”

We continually develop ceramic coatings for cookware to meet consumers' needs and which provide the best coating engineering solutions in terms of safety and performance and which keep ahead of the rapidly evolving international regulatory requirements on health, food contact safety and environment.


“ Thermolon boasts the ability to produce safe and  powerful ceramic coatings. ”

The Thermolon ceramic coating production line strictly complies with the ISO International Standard. The thorough manpower management for advanced production technology has become the basis of Thermolon coatings.


"We offer sustainability through international partnership"

There are many non-stick ceramic coatings in the world, but Thermolon is the first company to specialize in Cookware Ceramic Coatings only, and boasts the highest level. The long-standing partnership with "Green Pan", a European cookware brand that is renowned in developed countries such as Europe and the United States for its sophisticated design and rigorous quality control, proves it.


“ We offer sustainability through international partnership. ”

There are many ceramic non-stick coatings in the world. But Thermolon was the first to specialize in Cookware Ceramic Coatings, thereby reaching the highest levels of consumer recognition. Our long-standing partnership with "Green Pan", an internationally acclaimed cookware brand, renowned for its sophisticated design and rigorous quality control, is a testament to our unrivaled commitment to sustainability, healthy cooking performance and consumer safety.


The latest THERMOLON 2024, 9G

Thermolon's latest product, THERMOLON 2024, combines our ceramic nonstick coating with diamonds in an optimal combination to enhance the physical properties, performance and durability to an extreme level.

Exceptional wear resistance of non-stick properties
Scintillating heat transfer
Longer lasting non-stick Superlative salt water-non-stick resistance

THERMOLON 2024 Technology : Fully in accordance with the Madrid Statement

THERMOLON Technical Features
The technical features of Thermolon ceramic coatings are as follows.

For further details, please email us

Industry-leading non-stick features


Thermolon's non-stick durability, which is resistance to high temperatures, abrasion and salt water, has already been proven by extensive testing in multiple 3rd party laboratories.

Apart from the common fried Egg test, Thermolon differentiates itself from other coatings through comprehensive domestic-use testing that involves cooking, thermal shock, dishwasher use and salt water boiling. These are the normal failure modes of common ceramic nonstick.

Thermolon continues to set the standard in ceramic non-stick coating development

Superior wear resistance


The ultimate anti-wear technology created by Thermolon allows you to form a solid, robust film featuring strong resistance to external damage such as scratches or abrasion.


The excellent thermal conductivity of Thermolon enables quick, healthy cooking and uniform heat distribution. Effective heat transfer enables crisp and delicious cooking every time whilst saving time and energy.

Excellent thermal conductivity


Powerful durability against detergents and salt

Thermolon shows excellent nonstick resilience to salty and acid foods as well as to alkaline detergents.


Excellent heat resistance​

Thermolon retains its non-stick function even at high temperatures, intermittently to 450 ° C, without damaging the film. It maintains its original function even after prolonged high heat exposure and exhibits exceptional durability.


Completely safe 

By using inorganic materials, Thermolon is completely safe. Even if heated to the highest temperatures that can be reached on a domestic stove, no toxic materials can come out of the coating. Moreover, we use no harmful heavy metals or highly fluorinated materials. Our healthy ceramic nonstick is fully in compliance with all international regulations on food contact safety.

PFOA-free, PTFE-free, Halogan-free, Pd/Cd free

Easy clean-ability


Even without using detergent, food residue is thoroughly cleaned, leaving no smell and a hygienic cooking surface.


Stylish and various color

We offer various colors according to customers’ requirements, which are totally Lead-free and Cadmium-free.

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