Ceramic Nonstick

 modern technology

Thermolon's unique technical know-how allows you to experience the difference!

 Direction of Product Development 

The products that Thermolon develops are innovative, environmentally-friendly and deliver excellent results across a variety of functions.

Innovative technology

Thermolon's ceramic coatings unlike conventional non-stick are not just a simple mixture of already formed organic and inorganic materials. They are a completely different concept whereby the coated film is created by structural and chemical bonding that takes place on the surface of the cookware. Every year, Thermolon develops innovative products that transform the industry.

Thermolon's ceramic coatings are safe for humans and the environment and can be applied to various materials such as Aluminum and Hard Anodized substrates, Stainless Steel, Clad Materials, Iron, Plastic, Glass, Stone and Porcelain Ceramics. It is completely incombustible coating: it does not generate toxic gases when heated; and it can be used at high temperatures.

Thermolon's ceramic coatings offer exceptional Abrasion Resistance, Heat Resistance, Weatherability, Chemical Resistance, Flame Resistance, exceptional Non-stick Durability and excellent Heat Conduction.

THERMOLON’s Filmography

Here are the different generations of Thermolon that have been achieved through continual pioneering development.















2016 ~ 2018



2019 ~ 2020


Thermolon's coatings are used in a wide range of applications. Our customers appreciate the flexibility of our R&D and Product Development teams for exploring new applications


Thermolon coatings are applied on a wide range of different types of cookware both on the interior and exterior surfaces. For example, Thermolon, which is co-branded with GreenPan, is being sold in more than 100 countries around the world. It has become the consumers’ brand of automatic choice.

“Ceramic Non-stick durability that is best-in-class”





- Development of Sol-Gel materials with high heat resistance and superior durability of food
   release properties
- Optimization of the Sol-Gel process conditions to form the most durable coated surface
- Continual improvement of application process parameters and conditions to ensure consistency
  of resulting quality of coated products
- Ensuring compliance with international cookware quality standards such as CMA Manual,
  EN12983, BS7069, JIS 2010:2013, etc

“We develop healthy ceramic coatings that are eco-friendly and toxin-free for healthy cooking”

- Thermolon coatings are totally free from fluoropolymers or other highly fluorinated materials
  such as PFAS’s (i.e. no PFOA, PFHxA, etc) and as such are 100% compliant with the Madrid
- Our coating materials contain no heavy metals
- There are no known Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC’s) used in the manufacture of
   application of Thermolon coatings
- All incoming raw materials are fully screened for toxic contaminants by using analytical
   equipment (GC-MS, XFS, FT-IR, etc)
- Thermolon coatings are fully compliant with International Food Contact Regulations such as US
  FDA CFR 21 175.300, EC Regulation No. 1935/2004 and with the recommendations of the
  German LFGB Sections 30 & 31. 


“Rapid product development that targets the technical requirements of our customers”

- Optimization of the coating to match the requirements of the coating application facility
   (e.g. temperature, humidity, available coating application and curing equipment)
- Development of coating materials that are optimized for customers’ materials and
  pre-treatment processes
- Development of new colours, surface finishes and textures to meet customers’ requirements



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